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Writing with localization in mind

I found a rather interesting article at the Writers Cabal Blog about writing dialogue for games with translation in mind. In this article, the author shares a few tips to take into account when writing dialogue that is going to be translated into French. These guidelines might as well be used when translating into Spanish and… Continue reading →

The C Word

On his blog “How to Japanese”, Daniel tries to discourage all future translators out there from becoming videogame translators. So you want to translate video games, eh? Well, first I’d strongly suggest that you pursue translation in other fields. Patents pay well. So do contracts. And they’re both easier to translate than video games. [...]… Continue reading →

Players do care about game localization

A videogame is an interactive product. For the experience to be truly immersive, the player cannot afford to be distracted. Subtitling the dialogue in a game instead of dubbing the VO can have a big impact on the gameplay. I recently read a couple of comments from players about this on Meristation, at the thread… Continue reading →

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

“Wanted: Weapons of Fate”, hits the European shelves this week. The title, based on the movie “Wanted” (also inspired on the comic book by Mark Millar & JG Jones) has been developed by GRIN Barcelona and published by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Wordlab_ has participated in the translation of in-game texts and dialogues for subtitling. Meristation.com, leading online… Continue reading →

GDC 2009 – Badge & Bag

It’s official. I am now a “developer”. I went to the Moscone center this afternoon, shortly after 5pm, to register at the GDC and collect the badge and bag that I will be wearing all week long! Can’t wait to tomorrow’s Localization Summit!