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GDC 2009 – Badge & Bag

It’s official. I am now a “developer”. I went to the Moscone center this afternoon, shortly after 5pm, to register at the GDC and collect the badge and bag that I will be wearing all week long! Can’t wait to tomorrow’s Localization Summit!

Fallout 3: Credits

An homage to all those who participated in the localization into Spanish of Fallout 3. The best reward after 4+ months of hard work! ¡Un saludo a todos!

Eternal Sonata, cont'd

My copy of Eternal Sonata for PS3 arrived today and I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a pic. I also got pretty excited to see this display shelf at GameSpot, around the corner from our office. Now I have to get hands on with the game!

Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360)

Tras muchos meses de trabajo, ve la luz Eternal Sonata, un interesante proyecto de localización a cargo de Wordlab_. Las críticas se han volcado con este RPG de factura japonesa en el que destacan la belleza de las imágenes y una música cautivadora. Os dejo con lo más destacado del análisis de Meristation: Un punto… Continue reading →