Hello! My name is Diana Díaz Montón and I am video game localization specialist. I hold a degree in Translation and Interpreting from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (1999, Madrid – Spain) in English, French and German, and I am also fluent in Swedish.

I began my career in 1998, with an internship at EA Sports in Madrid, Spain. After working as a freelance for major localization agencies based in Europe and North America, in 2005 I established Wordlab, a company that specializes in videogame localization. In 2010, Wordlab co-founded Native Prime, a multilingual corporation also specialist in video game translation, recording and LQA.

I have had the opportunity of participating in the translation, editing, QA and project management of hundreds of titles, for all platforms and all genres.

As an audiovisual translator, I have also translated movie and documentary scripts for dubbing. Other specialties include fashion and technical translation, as well as software localization.

Here you will find a showcase of my latest work Diana has written a number of articles about the challenges of video game translation and adaptation for different markets, which have been published in online and print magazines.





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