Hi there! I'm a video game localization specialist with a passion for brilliant dialogues. Look around to discover my work and a few other secrets.

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Writing with localization in mind

I found a rather interesting article at the Writers Cabal Blog about writing dialogue for games with translation in mind. In this article, the author shares a few tips to take into account when writing dialogue that is going to be translated into French. These guidelines might as well be used when translating into Spanish and… Continue reading →

The C Word

On his blog “How to Japanese”, Daniel tries to discourage all future translators out there from becoming videogame translators. So you want to translate video games, eh? Well, first I’d strongly suggest that you pursue translation in other fields. Patents pay well. So do contracts. And they’re both easier to translate than video games. […]… Continue reading →

De historias malas…

Anaitgames nos trae un artículo cuando menos curioso sobre lo malas que son las historias de los videojuegos. Está claro que no es sencillo aunar jugabilidad con una historia bien hilada y con personajes de esos que “crecen” a medida que avanza la trama. Yo aquí echo en falta alguna que otra solución… La paradoja… Continue reading →